References and Links to Papers


Use of machine learning in hazard prediction

We are exploring the capabilities of deep learning and neural networks in predicting tropical cyclone hazard


Impact of correlations on future flood hazard

Lockwood, J. W., Oppenheimer, M., Lin, N., Kopp E. R., Vecchi, G. & Gori, A. (2022). Correlation between future sea-level rise and tropical cyclone activity in CMIP6 models, Earth's Future.


Quantifying the physical processes that drive the response of polar regions to climate change.

Lockwood, J. W., Dufour, C. O., Griffies, S. M., & Winton, M. (2021). On the role of the Antarctic Slope Front on the occurrence of the Weddell Sea polynya under climate change, Journal of Climate, 1-56.