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​I am currently a post-doctoral research scientist in the Data Science Institue at Columbia University. I am advised by Prof Pierre Gentine (Engineering) and Prof Tian Zheng (Professor of Statistics & Department Chair).  


 I graduated with a PhD in Geophysics (applied physics) with a minor in Computational Science and Engineering from Princeton University in May 2024.  I recieved a graduate certificate in Science and Technology from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.​ I also hold the Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate from the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), and the Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification from AWS. 


As an applied scientist, my research centers on deep learning, machine learning, risk analysis, and data science. I have published scientific articles on machine learning, climate risk, energy and decarbonization and economics. Outside of academia, I work as a quantitative analyst in a commodities trading firm. ​

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Data Science Institute, Columbia University 

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